How to resolve error message with McAfee Safe Connect?

At the time of running McAfee Safe Connect on your system, you may encounter an error message which indicates “your network through which you are trying to connect is unauthorized” and what happens next. You engage yourself in finding a solution to get rid of the issue. The only reason for you to find a solution is that because the error prevents you from accessing important websites and resources you might need to perform your work.

Here are the steps to tackle the connection issue

If you have a desktop computer, then follow the steps –

Before you start, you need to ensure to have selected the correct Virtual Location

  1. The access you Safe connect premium account by signing into it
  2. Activate the app protection feature.
  3. Make sure to fix a Virtual Location as per the data you want to gain access to.
  4. Once the procedure is done, you can try browsing the website once again

Clear the cookies of your web browser:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to open “Mcafee Safe Connect”.
  2. Then, remove the protection
  3. Then, remove your browser’s cookies. The following steps to clear the cookies might depend on the type of browsing installed in your system.
  4. Now, reactivate the protection again.
  5. Close the browser and restart it again, then try to access your browser.

If these steps are useless –

  1. Try switching to some other Virtual Location
  2. Go back to the suitable Virtual Location, which connects you to a different server resulting in resolving the issue.

In the case of iOS devices, follow the steps –

Things you need to execute the removal process of an error on the iOS device

  • Make sure that your system is connected to the internet via a secured network
  • Make sure to have the latest edition of Safe Connect downloaded on your device via the Apple App Store.
  • Make sure your iOS device has not been ‘jailbroken’.
  • Make sure a firewall app or other VPN app is not active in the background or it might create interruptions with Safe Connect.

Switch to Airplane mode:

  1. Activate McAfee Safe Connect via
  2. Click on “Settings”, options through the iOS device’s home screen.
  3. Activate the Airplane mode.
  4. And then, disable it again.

If the problem continues, try the next step.

You need to reinstall the McAfee Safe Connect profile

  1. Open your Safe Connect profile.
  2. Click the “Reinstall Profile” in the main menu.
  3. Click“Protection” on the main Safe Connect screen and follow the prompts.


Never forget that is the safest way to download and install McAfee products to avoid such errors because the products, software and utility packages downloaded from this URL are trustworthy and reliable for end-user. In case, you are having a technical issue with McAfee products, then you can get in touch with McAfee consumer services for technical assistance

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